Why the CarRiderSign or the BackPackTags?

The CarRiderSign was developed to help schools eliminate long car pick-up lines and to get the children into vehicles quickly and safely. The BackPackTags were designed to get the children to the correct location after dismissal.

How do they work?

The CarRiderSign is placed on the visor of any car. The sign itself slides up and down on the visor for easy storage all year. The sign is clearly visible from more than 250 feet away. The BackPackTags attach to the strap of the child’s backpack, displaying information so they arrive at the right location.

How do you pay for the CarRiderSign or BackPackTags?

There are many different ways to fund and pay for the signs. Some schools buy the signs out of their budget, sell the signs to the parents at cost or sell the signs with a small mark up creating a fundraiser. Other schools look to their PTA’s/PTO’S for funding while others look to local businesses who support safety in the school. Our company allows 90 days to pay, for those schools in need, which gives them the time to sell.

How to personalize?

By placing a sticker or stamp on each CarRiderSign or BackPackTag with your schools logo, mascot, mission statement, or whatever representation your school would like displayed.

Do you have Car Pooling?

Not to worry. If you have parents that car pool they can use a cartoon character to name their group of children. They can have Mickey car pool and someone else can have the Bugs Bunny car pool name. You may use a number for the children.